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Trailer Review: Rogue (2020)

Megan Fox vehicle that wants to change her image.

Note: Don't confuse this with the Rogue of 2007 by George McLean, where a crocodile goes on a killing rampage.

Megan Fox tries to eschew her glamorous image by taking on the role of a "battle hardened mercenary" in M.J. Bassett's "Rogue".

This somehow reminds me of Demi Moore and her attempt to similarly reinvent herself through G.I. Jane. That did not really end well. And if the trailer is to go by, then Fox too does not seem to be destined for a successful revival as an action hero.

Her mercenary here is too made up to be taken seriously. And if there is some kind of irony here, the trailer misses that. A mark on her forehead looks like a strategically placed prop rather than a scar.

But she is not the only problem here.

The tone of the clip is totally a mess. After some incoherent scenes of explosions, the film suddenly turns into a horror. A wild animal starts attacking people one-by-one amidst all the chaos.

A horror film trailer relies on atmosphere and build-up and there is zero to be found here. Most monster films will not reveal their creature in trailers but Rogue (perhaps, aware that it's not going to make a difference anyway) gives us a full shit of a black-panther-hybrid-something. That, for me, is the final nail (bullet?) in this film's prospects.

Also, could there has already been a film with the So, maybe they might even want to re-think the title?

Then the creature mysteriously disappears from the rest of the trailer as the film goes back to its previous action shenanigans with Fox toting a large gun and shooting randomly.

I wish her foot is out of the way.


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