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  • Aabha Dhyaani

Trailer Review: Possessor (2020)

Looks like 2020's first neon-soaked, ultra-violent, mind-bender is here.

The first thing that got us excited about Posssessor is that is directed by David Cronenberg's son.

If you think we are unfairly projecting father's talent on to the son, you still have to watch Brandon Cronenberg's debut where a corporate sells fans celebrity illnesses to their crazy fans.

While not completely successful, it showed great promise and yes, Brandon has learned a trick or two from the master of body horror that his father is.

The trailer for Possessor is exciting and oozes promise (along with a lot of red). There are several trailers available online, but the one we have selected for you is the coolest as it details almost no plot but sails on the visuals and the rhythm alone. As the the lead lies on what looks like a CAT scan machine the trailer is set to beat on her counting.

While the trailer below has kept the atmosphere and the mystery intact, we would like to also give you the basic plot details: its about an agent who can 'possess' bodies through brain implants in order to drive them to commit assassinations. Don't know about you but that sounds super exciting to us.

From what I have seen so far, the film does not pulls any punches as far depiction of blood and gore goes and the always great Andrea Riseborough (Shadow Dancer, Oblivion), well, possesses her role.

The film also stars with the amazing Jennifer Jason Leigh (The Hateful Eight), Christopher Abbott (The Sinner) and the veteran Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings, Black Death).

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