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Trailer Review: Iron Mask (2020)

Even at slightly above 2 minutes mark, this trailer overstays its welcome.

"I have been waiting for this a loooong time", intones Arnold Schwarzenegger, that jailor of an unbreakable prison, as he squares with The Master (Jackie Chan).

Schwarzenegger could be mouthing the desire of fans of both who have been waiting for them to come together. I mean, I still have to come across anyone wishing this particular union but, why not? The problem, of course, is simple: Chan is a physical performer and Schwarzenegger relies on all brawn, muscles, and an occasional quip.

This is a jail apparently no one has broken out of in 500 years (!). The jailor seems to be bored and looking for some arena type entertainment when he announces that anyone who reaches "the top" is free.

This kickstart the trailer with Chan and Arnold squaring it off in the jail and in another an "evil witch" is going on a rampage. The Master's daughter (I presume) is searching for her "father's seal" (whatever that is).

The fight between the two action legends is the highlight and the trailer presents it prominently. But this also makes it painfully obvious that they share only this scene together.

The effects and the world have a rather Big Trouble in Little China vibe and depending on if you like cheesy actioners with serviceable special effects, this could be a good or a bad thing.

There are storms in the seas, one-on-one fights, battles, and... a dragon!

It looks like a hot mess but could be mildly entertaining.


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