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  • Aabha Dhyaani

Trailer Review: Freaky (2020)

"Freaky Friday" gets a freaky horror twist!

Yesterday, I wrote about Possessor, a sci-fi horror about a woman who can be implanted into another's body and then use it to commit assassinations.

Today, I am writing about another body-swapping horror film!

But if the Possessor trailer scared you, relax, the tone is much lighter this time.

Remember 'Freaky Friday'? A mother and her teenage daughter's souls get swapped into each other's bodies for one weird Friday?

Now, Christopher Landon, the director of Happy Death Day puts a horror spin on the story by switching the bodies of an ignored teenager with a serial killer.

I am sure this was a concept that did not need a lot of selling.

Or thinking.

Just saying.

Well, come on, you cynics! It is safe to call this a 'tried and tested' formula as both, the '70's original and the 2003 version with Lindsay Lohan & Jamie Lee Curtis were hits!

The trailer is here and it's not half-bad. We start with our heroine's voice over explaining her situation - she is made fun of and the boys either ignore her or play pranks on her (which is not really ignoring her but clearly, this is not the attention she is looking for)

She wishes that is there is a serial killer around, she would not mind being his next victim. Careful what you wish for and all that cause the next thing she knows, she's chased and stabbed by Vince Vaughn.

She doesn't die, though (Remember this is a Freaky Friday remake?). She wakes up in the serial killer's body and (obviously) freaks out when she sees herself in the mirror. Her friends have similar reactions when they see 'her'. You see, by this time Vaughn face is all over the TV and he is declared deadly.

We liked the guy who runs attacks screaming "You're Black, I'm gay, we're SO dead!" and proceeds to attack Vaughn by throwing things at him.

Vaughn does a 'cute' little dance that immediately convinces them it is their friend in this man's body (Huh. SNL must take notes for their next film based sketch). We were wondering if the girl is going to turn up with the serial killer in her, when she does!

This is the moment when we were thinking that this is more Child's Play than Freaky Friday!

Soon, the killer starts disposing off people and 'Vaughn' is running from the cops with 'his' friends.

The problem here is Vaughn who can't act any other way than acting like, Vaughn. Jack Black was way better facing a similar predicament in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

But the trailer, as I said, is not bad and this looks like a decent flick for what it is. I just hope that they haven't crammed all of its best moments here.

Also: what's with Hollywood recently and this whole body-swapping thing? I'll leave the conspiracy theorists among you to think that through.

Oh, and the screaming guy was right. The Black girl dies first. Here's the trailer:

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