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Trailer Review: Ava (2020)

A classic case of a trailer revealing more than it needs to.

It is surprising but some people still believe that showing everything in a trailer is a great strategy to get audience to the film.

Bollywood films have trailer as long as 3 minutes that not only include all the "funny lines" in them but also telegraph all the plot points the film will have.

Ava's trailer does the same.

It begins intriguingly with Ava (Jessica Chastain) picking someone up, seducing them, and disposing them off.

Her boss Colin Farrell screams his (fair) concern that Ava is talking to the targets as John Malkovich (another actor Hollywood doesn't know what to do with) stands around with a mediating stance.

Soon, Ava is herself a target and is fighting for her life.

Here on, the trailer is a case study in demolishing all the tension that should have been built between in characters.

There are too many shots of Farrell and Malkovich fighting it out. And the same goes for Chastain and Farrell. A small shot of the main villain and the hero 'sorting it out' is okay but there is simply too much footage of the scene. To top it all, there is even a shot of Chastain shooting him in the back! I mean, seriously?

Then there is the failure of sexual tension between Common and Chastain. They start making love almost as soon as they appear together.

There is one possibility, though.

The cast mentions Geena Davis but she is not present in the trailer. So, maybe she is the main villain or something. But I still don't get why one would one major star - an Academy Award winner in this case - be kept out of the trailer.

I will still give the a benefit of doubt and wait for the second trailer to drop.

Verdict: I Might.

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