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Trailer of the Day: The Giant (2020)

The Giant trailer serves up visuals that are dark and arresting.

What is it about?

On her graduation night, Charlotte learns that her first love has returned to her small Georgia town since he vanished the year before.

But on that night, a girl her age is found dead - and then another. Something terrible has arisen in this place, and her final summer speeds towards a nightmarish conclusion, Charlotte gets the uncomfortable feeling that somehow it is coming for her.

Our Take:

"Do you remember last summer when we heard those booms in the middle of the night? Do you ever hear 'em anymore?" a character asks in the opening of the trailer. The mood is quiet, muted and instantly gripping. To the credit of the trailer makers, they allow the silence to develop over the soft sounds of a car driving and cicadas.

The trailer goes back to the 'happier times' with some friends hanging out together. This builds until the defining moment where a guy sits at the edge of the swimming pool, in silhouette, and keeps a finger on his lips to quieten everyone: "Shhh..."

There is a scream in the silence. "What was that?", a girl asks scared.

The rest, you must watch below!

The Giant is the directorial debut of David Raboy and he shows a firm grasp of his visuals to convey a sense of dread that seems essential to the story. We only, very briefly see 'the giant's silhouette. The film seems to be a hybrid of the serial-killer genre and the supernatural.

It has an 'arty' feel to it that shouldn't discourage horror gorehounds if the film fulfills its promise that its nightmarish, distinctive style promises in the trailer.

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