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  • Aabha Dhyaani

Halloween Trailer Review: The Empty Man (2020)

This, most probably, sucks. But we will still watch it to confirm so that we can warn you.

"If you're on a bridge, and you find a bottle... you blow into it and you think about the empty man", says one teenager.

No, this is not an SNL parody of Candyman, this is... The Empty Man!

Wait, there's more: On the first night you hear him, On the second night, you see him, and on the third night, he finds you!

So, when you see him on the second night, he has not actually found you. He is just there for window shopping.

These are the rules as told in all seriousness in this upcoming slasher. It is interesting that how the genre of slasher has stopped inventing damaged baddies from our own world and is increasingly relying on the supernatural. In this Covid-19 era, that's understandable but I think the seeds were laid with the success of the Final Destination franchise. Tellingly, The Empty Man gets into your mind "like a disease". This gives the story ample opportunity to create fucked up visuals - which, if they are there, are not included in the trailer (which means they are not there. Go figure.)

There is also this growing tendency for the trailers to loop a single phrase or a piece of music to serve as a background. This can be great when done well, but really annoying when done... well, like here. As the trailer reaches its finishing point with a man staring at some skeletons dumbly, the whispered "The Empty Man" plays in the background... until a hand shoots out of somewhere.

Thank you, Ghostly Hand!

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