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Halloween Month Review: Hubie Halloween (2020)

Adam Sandler reprises his man-child act for the umpteenth time with surprising results.

If you have taken time out to watch an Adam Sandler picture, you know what you're in for. In all probability, he is going to play this man-child with a golden heart, probably with a speech impediment. Hubie Halloween is no different.

Depending on whether you're his fan or not, this could be either good news or a bad one. Frankly, I have never warmed up to his antics and his reason for continuous wins at the box-office will always remain a mystery. Though, there are exceptions.

Hence, it was with almost no expectations and the spirit of Halloween that I took a chance with this. Plus, have you seen that supporting cast?

Hubie (Adam Sandler) is a town do-gooder who has a large heart and every year takes up the trouble to maintain safety for its residents on Halloween. Though, the only one who seems at risk is Hubie himself. As he rides his cycle throughout the town issuing safety warning and instructions, there is almost nothing that is not thrown at him - from rocks to televisions.

Everything but the kitchen sink seems to be the intention of the townsfolk and the director.

The only two people who stand for Hubie are his mother (June Squibb) and Violet (Julie Bowen), his secret childhood love. There is also a new friendly neighbor Walter (Steve Buscemi) but that's a little complicated.

As Hubie sets out once again to save the town, everyone wants to play a prank on Hubie because he gets scared easily. But when people actually start disappearing, Hubie has a tough time convincing others.

The strongest aspect of this film is its party, celebratory feel. Set over one night, all of its large cast of characters get moments to shine. There are so many people you are introduced to, you just might forgive the main plot for kicking in so late. There is a rotund cop Sgt. Steve Downey (Kevin Hart), a town meanie Mr. Landolfa (Ray Liotta),

The film's humor is mostly good natured which was another surprise for me. Even the crude jokes are explained away rather than zeroes in for laughs. When Hubie farts in front of Walter, the older man casually dismisses this as "natural".

Hubie Halloween might be ultimately slight and forgettable but it exceeded my expectations (of which I had almost zero, remember?). It is funny, well-made, and as close to Christmas spirit as a Halloween film could be. Maybe this is what the world needs today?

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