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Feature: Dream Come True?

Two words: Swinton - Almodóvar

Art-house cinema lovers were left panting for more, when two of its most prominent names released a teaser recently.

Actor Tilda Swinton, & Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar announced their collaboration to the world with a small clip. It is stylish and melancholic - both the trademark of the director.

Based on the Jean Cocteau play La Voz Humana (A Human Voice), the short-film is all set to premiere at the Venice Film Festival. (Talking about Venice Film Festival, do check keep an eye out for our highlights on some of its titles)

The plot is about an actor spiraling into darkness when she receives bad news while shooting.

The still from the film above has generous splashes of color and discerning viewers would, perhaps, be able to recognize this as a typical Almodóvar color scheme even without having been told so.

Swinton, by the way, has recently been awarded Lifetime Achievement Award at the ongoing Venice Film Festival. Richly deserved.

The crimson dome dress that Swinton sports here is the key-piece of Balenciaga's Spring-Summer 2020 collection. The score is by Alberto Iglesias, an Almodóvar regular, who English language debut this is.

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